Bryn Mawr College Filmmakers Association 48 Hour Film Festival

This year my friend Kellie Dinh and I started the Filmmakers Association at Bryn Mawr College. As part of the club, we are starting a 48 Hour Film Festival!


Join our Facebook Event! Here is our description:

Are you ready for a weekend of adrenaline, fun, and creativity?
Look no further than the first annual 48 Hour Film Festival hosted by the Bryn Mawr College Filmmakers Association!

-What is a 48 Hour Film Festival?
In 48 hours, you and your team will be given a prompt, get creative, and submit a short film shot on a smartphone! The only restrictions are that teams should be between 1-4 people, and the film should be under 7 minutes long.

The following week (date TBA), we will have a catered RED CARPET SCREENING of the submitted shorts along with $$PRIZES$$ judged upon by the audience!

-Who can participate?
Anyone can participate in the festival regardless of major or year, and it is open to any student in the Bi-College Community.

-How can I participate?
Keep up with this page for information and updates by following or marking that you are Going.

-How will it all work?
Once you fill out the sign up form, we will have your email information. Also, create a Vimeo account and request to join the 48 Hr Film Festival group so you can submit later. (links below)
Sit back and relax, until 5 pm on Friday, February 3rd, when your filmmaking prompt will be emailed to one of your team members (no in person meeting necessary). Then, you can begin brainstorming your ~filmmaking~ process. The final film should be submitted via Vimeo by 5pm Sunday, February 5th.

-What should I do before the filmmaking begins?
Fill out the sign-up form so we have your contact information to send out the prompts. Form a group (or not) and get any extra equipment you think you will need.

*We don’t want resources to hinder projects so this film festival will use SMARTPHONE FILMMAKING ONLY, no shorts made using DSLRs or other cameras will be accepted.


This will be low-budget filmmaking. Feel free to use your phones as your main camera; experimental and experimentation is encouraged.
***We have a number of smartphone grips/tripod mounts available for you all to use (email: if you need to borrow one). These hold your phone and have a stabilizer grip for handheld filmmaking, and can be attached to a tripod which can be checked out through Canaday Library’s Circulation Desk.***

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