Article Featuring The Bryn Mawr College #MichelleAtTheMawr Campaign Video wrote an article featuring the #MichelleAtTheMawr Campaign video I made for Bryn Mawr College. Read the excerpt below and see the full article here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.27.58 AM

“Bryn Mawr College is still hoping its campaign to land Michelle Obama as it’s 2017 graduation commencement speaker and it recently created a video in honor of Mrs. Obama’s birthday.

With the former First Lady’s birthday being Jan. 17, the women’s college uploaded a video to Vimeo on Jan. 18.

The video features Bryn Mawr students, staff, faculty, and family sending messages to Obama that share their appreciation for her work and wishing her a happy birthday.

The college launched the “Michelle at the Mawr” campaign back in October. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni have been using the #MichelleAtTheMawr hashtag on social media to drum up support and gain her attention.”

Check out the video for Obama’s birthday below:

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