Awarded MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute Visiting Fellowship

I’m an 2021 MDOCS Storytellers’ Institute Visiting Fellow workshopping Expanding Sanctuary. We’ll also be discussing collaborative filmmaking and community media practices.

This hybrid artistic-academic experience combines the freedom and space to work on independent projects with the fulfillment of mentoring the next generation of practitioners in the beautiful setting of Saratoga Springs. The institute brings together professional artists, storytellers and documentarians (Visiting Fellows) with Skidmore College students, faculty, and staff members (Skidmore Fellows) in a month-long community organized around an annual theme. More than a residency, time is dedicated to independent work and Institute activities –– seminars, critique sessions, opportunities to share work with the public, networking events, skill-building workshops, and group outings ––– all related to the theme. We are multi-disciplinary and encourage non-fiction practitioners working in all mediums –– sound, painting, photography, sculpture, film, video, word, performance, installation, etc. –– to apply.  One of the highlights of the Institute is MDOCS Forum, a weekend-long conference combining festival presentations of artistic work with symposium-style conversations around the annual theme. Visiting Fellows will have the opportunity to present their work at Forum alongside an international group of makers, scholars, activists and students. 

This year our theme is Co-Creation: Delights, Discontents & Dislocations –– This is a call to all collaborators, collectives and co-creators of knowledge! To those coming from activism, community organizing, and collective power building. To those willing to transgress artistic boundaries and academic disciplines in the urgent name of shared agency and more inclusive institutions! Read more about the theme here.

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