“Five LGBTQ Filmmakers Who Make Philly Proud” on CineSPEAK

Thank you Hansen Bursic for including me as part of the “Five LGBTQ Filmmakers Who Make Philly Proud” on CineSPEAK!

“We are deep into Pride Month, and in Philly we have so much to celebrate. Philadelphia has a thriving and diverse LGBTQ community, and the city is a hotbed of queer and trans filmmaking. This list celebrates five incredible LGBTQ filmmakers who call our city home, including two who are a part of the cinéSPEAK family! When so much of Pride looks like rainbow capitalism and whitewashing LGBTQ history, let’s bring it back to the queer and trans creators who are challenging these narratives every day.”

Read more: CINESPEAK.org

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