IDA Pride Month

Pride Month may be over but I’m still so full of love for all my communities of support! πŸ₯°

As you probably know, I’m IDA’s new Awards Competition Manager working remotely from Philadelphia! They did a really great staff spotlight for both #AAPIHeritageMonth and #PrideMonth that has my heart so full. I’m so glad to be working with an organization that embraces the diversity of their team.

“Growing up, there were few queer Latinx icons in film or TV I could look up to and imagine a future for someone like me. Now, working in film, I think it’s so important that someone like me – who is nonbinary, queer and Latinx – is working to support the next generation of filmmakers. I hope that, through my work, everything I always wished I saw is now a little bit closer to being possible.”

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