AfroTaino Spotlight: Alx Through The Labyrinth

Check out the AFROTAINO spotlight on Alx Through The Labyrinth!⁠⁠"The impact we envision this project will have at the local level is to spark conversations around the inequities in the medical field for both LGBTQIA+ and Latinx communities. In particular, we aim to advocate for additional Spanish language healthcare resources to be readily accessible to Latinx communities. We [...]

New Film: Alx Through The Labyrinth

I'm proud to announce the new film I'm working on Alx Through The Labyrinth! ⁠⁠We will be presenting the project TODAY at GoodPitch Local: Philadelphia live streamed via PhillyCAM.⁠⁠I'll be working as Co-Director and Producer with the talented team: Daniel de Jesús (Co-Director and Animation Designer), Gabe Loredo (Graphic Designer), Kirsten Senske (Background Animation Designer), and Sofia Mondragon (Writer’s Assistant and Assistant [...]