AfroTaino Spotlight: Alx Through The Labyrinth

Check out the AFROTAINO spotlight on Alx Through The Labyrinth!⁠⁠"The impact we envision this project will have at the local level is to spark conversations around the inequities in the medical field for both LGBTQIA+ and Latinx communities. In particular, we aim to advocate for additional Spanish language healthcare resources to be readily accessible to Latinx communities. We [...]

“Pa’encima: Cine documental en la Isla de Puerto Rico” Article

¡Lea la versión en español de mi artículo "Pa'encima: Cine documental en la Isla de Puerto Rico" para IDA! Muchas gracias to Amaya Garcia for translating the article and to all of the talented Puerto Rican and diasporic filmmakers that I interviewed! 🇵🇷 Shout out to the incredible interviewees:Rossi Karen (Director of Ser Grande)Macha Colon (Director of Cartas de Amor and Perfume [...]

AfroTaino Spotlight

Muchas gracias to my AFROTAINO familia for including me as part of your spotlight! 😊 "My inspiration is my community and my family. I grew up in a space and time where there were so many in-accurate and racist portrayals of Latinidad. That really fueled me to begin my journey in film to correct that. I also [...]

Accepted into TIFF Media Inclusion Initiative

Super excited to be accepted into the 2020 Media Inclusion Initiative for the 45th Toronto International Film Festival! Now in its third year, TIFF’s Media Inclusion Initiative continues to accredit eligible Black, Indigenous, people of colour, LGBTQ+, and women emerging film critics who are working towards amplifying their voices in the press corps.

ITVS Article

So excited to have interviewed director Hao Wu of People’s Republic of Desire for ITVS! Learn about the innovative visualization of modern digital communications: "In the land of memes, baby photos, and selfies, social media can serve many purposes for users. Social media not only connects friends and families who are wide distances apart but [...]