¡Presente! Media Collective’s Latinx Ancestors Project

Check out ¡Presente! Media Collective's Latinx Ancestors Project! ⁠⁠¡Presente! Media puts cultural organizing directly into practice, by ensuring that stories told by our community are used to push for true equity in resources, opportunities, and rights for Latinx, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ communities.⁠⁠Through the Latinx Ancestors Project, ¡Presente! Media will produce a series of articles and a [...]

¡Presente! Media Spotlight on AFROTAINO

AFROTAINO for spotlighting the work of ¡Presente! Media Collective! We produce solutions-based and investigative documentaries and stories rooted in social justice, collaborate with Latinx and communities of color, and provide support for emerging media makers. Along with my brilliant Co-Founders, we answered questions about our inspirations behind the collective. Read more: https://www.afrotaino.com/latest/presente-media https://www.instagram.com/p/CHx8FP-huaN/

¡Presente! Media’s Encuentro Virtual

Join us for ¡Presente! Media's first Virtual Meeting with special guest Edgar Ramirez (Philatinos Radio Coordinator) on the impact of Covid-19 on the Latinx community on May 14th at 5:30 PM! Through the online community meeting, we will share experiences, ideas for articles and videos, and discuss what information is missing in local media.¡Únase a nosotros [...]