Latest Article: “Healing Through Collaborative Filmmaking: An Interview with the Director of Fruits of Labor” for CineSPEAK

Read my latest article for CineSPEAK interviewing Emily Cohen Ibañez about Fruits Of Labor Film! 🍓 🌷⁠⁠"For many children of immigrants, there is an immense pressure to support their family and siblings. The eldest child typically holds the most responsibility by translating for their parents, caring for their siblings, and putting their dreams on hold to support the [...]

aluCine Festival Jury

Felicidades to the winners of aluCine's 2021 film awards! 🏆⁠⁠⁠⁠I had such a great time working with fellow jurors Cecilio Escobar and Aashna Thakkar to award these incredible films!⁠⁠⁠⁠BEST FILM: The Ritual to Beauty⁠⁠"The Ritual to Beauty was awarded the aluCine Best Film Award for its stunning visuals and powerful message about the often unspoken ties between generations [...]

Awarded Lenfest Institute Constellation News Leadership Initiative

Muchas gracias Lenfest Institute for selecting me as part of the Constellation News Leadership Initiative 2021-22 Class! 🎉⁠⁠⁠⁠It's such an honor to represent two publications, ¡Presente! Media Collective and cineSPEAK, that are changing the landscape of community media and journalism in Philadelphia! ✊🏾⁠⁠⁠⁠Learn more about the program:⁠⁠

Vision Driven Artists Panel “Building and Sustaining Anti-Racist Arts Organizations”

Join the Vision Driven Artists panel "Building and Sustaining Anti-Racist Arts Organizations" on Monday, September 13th at 6PM EST!⁠⁠The panel will feature a discussion with three Philadelphia art leaders - LaNeshe Miller-White, Samantha Rise, and myself - on our experiences re-imagining organizational structures.⁠⁠Register:⁠

¡Presente! Media Collective’s Latinx Ancestors Project

Check out ¡Presente! Media Collective's Latinx Ancestors Project! ⁠⁠¡Presente! Media puts cultural organizing directly into practice, by ensuring that stories told by our community are used to push for true equity in resources, opportunities, and rights for Latinx, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ communities.⁠⁠Through the Latinx Ancestors Project, ¡Presente! Media will produce a series of articles and a [...]

AfroTaino Spotlight: Alx Through The Labyrinth

Check out the AFROTAINO spotlight on Alx Through The Labyrinth!⁠⁠"The impact we envision this project will have at the local level is to spark conversations around the inequities in the medical field for both LGBTQIA+ and Latinx communities. In particular, we aim to advocate for additional Spanish language healthcare resources to be readily accessible to Latinx communities. We [...]

New Film: Alx Through The Labyrinth

I'm proud to announce the new film I'm working on Alx Through The Labyrinth! ⁠⁠We will be presenting the project TODAY at GoodPitch Local: Philadelphia live streamed via PhillyCAM.⁠⁠I'll be working as Co-Director and Producer with the talented team: Daniel de Jesús (Co-Director and Animation Designer), Gabe Loredo (Graphic Designer), Kirsten Senske (Background Animation Designer), and Sofia Mondragon (Writer’s Assistant and Assistant [...]

“Pa’encima: Cine documental en la Isla de Puerto Rico” Article

¡Lea la versión en español de mi artículo "Pa'encima: Cine documental en la Isla de Puerto Rico" para IDA! Muchas gracias to Amaya Garcia for translating the article and to all of the talented Puerto Rican and diasporic filmmakers that I interviewed! 🇵🇷 Shout out to the incredible interviewees:Rossi Karen (Director of Ser Grande)Macha Colon (Director of Cartas de Amor and Perfume [...]