POV | Motherland Filmmaker Interview

Position: Editor

Production Company: POV | American Documentary

For Season 30 of POV, I edited together filmmaker interviews, updating and establishing the look, style, and structure. The interview videos were shown after the television premier of the film and used for social media advertising.

Motherland (2017) dir. Ramona Diaz is an absorbingly intimate, vérité look at the busiest maternity hospital on the planet, in one of the world’s most populous countries: the Philippines. Winner, 2017 Sundance World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Commanding Vision.


What’s it like at the busiest maternity ward in the world?

Filmmaker Ramona Diaz explains what makes Fabella Hospital unique.



Why is family planning important in the Philippines?

Filmmaker Ramona Diaz discusses the challenges of family planning education.



How does an underfunded hospital care for premature babies?

Filmmaker Ramona Diaz on how Kangaroo Mother Care is used in a Filipino maternity ward.


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