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PFS logo black extra smallShowcase Filmmaker Spotlight: Kristal Sotomayor
A recent graduate of Bryn Mawr college, Kristal Sotomayor parlayed her interest in filmmaking into an internship with PBS’s POV series, and has received a fellowship with Scribe Video Center to produce a documentary about immigrant rights in Philadelphia. A very personal essay film incorporating poetic narration and family photos, To My Motherland explores the complexities of immigration and integration in the United States.

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tumblr_ojdxhutor21si5a0no1_540TO CALL IT HOME: Kristal Sotomayor ’17 brings
“the tradition of Bryn Mawr fearlessness” to her filmmaking
Kristal Sotomayor ’17 was living her dream this spring when her film, To My Motherland, screened at the Kurzfilmfestival in Germany. Her exploration of identity and the meaning of home appeared in a curated program of 11 films about belonging and acceptance. Her film has also had showings at the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, Rough Cut Film Festival, and Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, and was shortlisted for the Independent Women Films at The Lost Format Society in London.