Video Production

Kristal Sotomayor is a director, cinematographer, and editor based in Philadelphia.

  • Filmmaker that collaborates with local community to tell accurate and diverse stories
  • Transformative and character-driven portrayals of neighborhoods
  • In-depth and nuanced interviews
  • Rigorous journalistic standards and reporting
  • HD 1080P camera with audio kit
  • Run-and-gun style filmmaking
  • Impactful images of the everyday and extraordinary
  • Creative and cinematic images
  • Adobe Suite Proficiency
  • Lyrical and thoughtful editing
  • Promos, short and longer form content for the big screen and social media
  • Proficient in Spanish and English

Commissioned Videos

POV Bill Nye Facebook Live
POV Swim Team Filmmaker Interview
POV Quest Filmmaker Interview
POV Do Not Resist Filmmaker Interview
Bryn Mawr College Michelle At The Mawr Campaign Video
Profugo Growing Together Fundraising Campaign
POV Bill Nye Promos
POV Bill Nye Science Guy Filmmaker Interview
POV Motherland Filmmaker Interview
POV Almost Sunrise Filmmaker Interview
CNN & Glass Entertainment Group Pope The Most Powerful Man In History
Glow Wellness Tour

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