Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

January 2017 – Present



1. Updated Social Media Schedule Calendar

  • Issues with previous calendar: disorganized, didn’t account for posts made by others or shared posts
  • List of Blog Posts: Includes date when published on blog, shared on MailChimp, and shared on Social Media Channels.
  • List of Keywords/Hashtags to use in social media lead-in lines
  • List of Social Media Profiles

2. Updated Blog Goals

  • Shift Focus: In the past, the blog posts were focused more on personal experiences with clients, we want to shift the objective to showcase the skills, quality, and expertise of ABVO. While we want to keep the personal and warm voice of the blog posts, we want to market ABVO as a leader in the voiceover community.
  • Monthly Topic: Our goal is to write one blog post per month on a voiceover related topic offering advice or how to’s directed toward producers seeking voiceovers.
  • Better SEO Practices: Work on better titles and creating introductions to blogs with SEO keywords. Changing the filename of photos inserted in blog post.
  • Stricter Deadlines: The objective in 2018 is to write a blog post per month through stricter deadlines having the blog for the following month completed two weeks before the beginning the following month.

3. Updating Social Media Goals

  • Posting on social media daily and documenting posts made by Rosi
  • Social Media Account Updates: Creating an ABVO Business Twitter Account. Updating ABVO Facebook “About”, ABVO LinkedIn Business “About”, ABVO YouTube video descriptions.
  • Better SEO Practices: Using original ABVO website link rather than a shrunken link. Utilizing more keywords and hashtags.
  • Increasing Engagement: Creating more engaging social media posts and responding more promptly to engagement.
  • New Social Media Scheduling Software: Social Pilot

4. Updating MailChimp Usage:

  • Refining MailChimp for producers of different forms of voiceover
  • Better SEO Practices

5. Creating Additional Resources For Clients:

  • Providing a guide on creating bilingual content for producers to

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Producer’s Guide to PSAs
for the Hispanic Market

Blog Link


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Raising Our Voices for Puerto Rico
Voiceover & Music

Email Link

  • Demonstrated increase in communication with clients and potential clients via social media platforms
  • More organized and targeted marketing via monthly email leading to clients requesting information or staying in touch
  • Clear communication and understanding of the business services and goals
  • Understanding of client types, needs, and formulation of specific outreach strategies

“Working remotely, we talk once a week to go over new to-do’s around our blogs, new social media posts, composing lead-in lines in both English and Spanish for posts we’re about to make, identifying hash tags that help us get more traffic to our blog and website and repurposing old blogs, giving them a new spin and posting widely on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. She frequently helps us when we’re in a time crunch by writing the first draft of our new blogs as well as our marketing emails, all of which have to do with our mission of building cross-cultural bridges and how we help producers and creators of content best reach their intended audience. I’ve also found her to be an out of the box thinker, which I appreciate greatly.”

-Rosi Amador, Founder and English|Spanish Voice Actor at Amador Bilingual Voiceovers