Independent_Television_Service_logoVISUALIZING THE MODERN DIGITAL AGE by Kristal Sotomayor
In People’s Republic of Desire, director Hao Wu documents China’s live-streaming community, one akin to YouTube’s cult-like culture. The film investigates how online video chat platforms affect the lived experiences of internet personalities, such as icons Shen Man and Big Li, as well as both wealthy and low-income fans.

1200px-WHYY_Logo.svgRACISTS TEACH HERE by Kristal Sotomayor
“I’m not sure you’re capable of taking that class,” said my high school English teacher. She was a middle-aged white woman. I had approached her after class to sign a form allowing me to take the more advanced AP English class the following year. My first year of high school, I was placed in the advanced courses in science and math but not in English.

Submittable LogoFILMMAKING AFTER FILM SCHOOL by Kristal Sotomayor
Congratulations on that nice, shiny film school diploma. Now what? Like many of my film school peers, I’ve directed a few shorts that received recognition on the undergrad film festival circuit. I’ve got festival laurels to my name. So, where’s the dream job? Where are the grants to make my own films?