Kristal covering the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

Kristal is a freelance reporter and film critic focused on film & TV, Latinidad and LGBTQIA+ content. Available for gigs.

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Featured Writing

Pa’ Encima: Documentary Filmmaking En La Isla de Puerto Rico – Documentary Magazine

For filmmakers from Puerto Rico, access to funding is limited due to sovereignty—oftentimes unable to apply for funds in Latin American or the US. Read More

Racists Teach Here – WHYY

“I’m not sure you’re capable of taking that class,” said my high school English teacher. My first year of high school, I was placed in the advanced courses in science and math but not in English. Read More

Meet The Creators of the Film Produced with ‘Mucho Mucho Amor’ – AL DÍA

Everyday, Walter Mercado would grace the screens of Latinx homes across the globe. Mucho Mucho Amor traces Mercado’s legacy and documents his final moments. Read More

Park City is more than just epic ski vacations — here’s why – The Points Guy

From the beauty of the great outdoors to the glamour of the Sundance Film Festival, the city offers a wide range of activities all winter and summer long. Read More

The One-Child Policy Legacy on Women and Relationships in China – ITVS

The One-Child Policy was introduced to China in 1979 and ended in 2015. The films One Child Nation and Leftover Women both reflect and examine the policy and its legacy. Read More

El Agente Topo: The Story of the Elderly Spy That Infiltrates a Retirement Home – AL DÍA

Alberdi brings film noir stylizations to documentary filmmaking, using sharp shadow contrasts from windows, casting the iconic noir visual effect. Read More

And She Could Be Next’: A New Look At Women of Color in Politics – Documentary Magazine

And She Could Be Next, is a two-part docuseries directed by Grace Lee and Marjan Safinia, follows the campaigns of six women of color running for US public office. Read More

From Fashion to Food and Beyond: Billy Luther Brings Native Stories to the Forefront – ITVS

Filmmaker and producer Billy Luther’s alter-NATIVE series follows Native American designer Bethany Yellowtail as her fashion career evolves. Read More