Cine alzando voz (Cinema Raising Its Voice)

While Latinx stories and characters in cinema continue to be depicted through racist stereotypes, we take a deep dive into the films and filmmakers re-framing Latinidad through the cinéSPEAK column Cine alzando voz, meaning “Cinema Raising Its Voice.” Through thoughtful critique and insightful interviews with Latinx artists, Cine alzando voz interrogates important issues in Latinx cinema such as queerness, womanhood, identity, immigration, and more.

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Rita Moreno Off-Screen: An Interview with the Puerto Rican Women Behind the Intimate Documentary – cinéSPEAK

The American Masters documentary Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It, directed by Mariem Pérez Riera, paints a detailed picture of icon Rita Moreno’s background, challenges and successes. Read More

From Cocoon to Butterfly: Interview with Alexis Gambis of Son of Monarchs – cinéSPEAK

Seeing Latinx scientists on the big screen or behind the camera is rare. While Son of Monarchs portrays a privileged perspective of Latinidad, one of a brilliant scientist with academic achievements, it offers a new perspective on the immigrant experience. Read More

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