2020 Sundance Film Festival

Meet The Creators of the Film Produced with ‘Mucho Mucho Amor’ – AL DÍA

Everyday, Walter Mercado would grace the screens of Latinx homes across the globe.  Read More

Park City is more than just epic ski vacations — here’s why – The Points Guy

From the beauty of the great outdoors to the glamour of the Sundance Film Festival, the city offers a wide range of activities all winter and summer long. Read More

6 Gems From the 2020 Sundance Film Festival – Submittable

From documentaries and narrative to experimental film and media, Sundance offers a wide range of stories for all avid viewers. Read More

Growing Up With “Mucho Mucho Amor”: How Walter Mercado Defined My Life – Autostraddle

Growing up, there was always a magical wizard on primetime Latin American television. Read More

Charm City Kings: Una oda de los Boricuas a Baltimore – AL DÍA

Charm City Kings, dirigida por Angel Manuel Soto, sigue al joven Mouse mientras lucha por procesar la reciente muerte de su hermano Stro. Read More

5 Must-See Latinx Films From The Sundance Film Festival – Modern Brown Girl

This year’s festival had a large selection of Latinx and Latinamerican films. Even boricua Lin Manuel Miranda himself was featured in three different documentaries. Read More

The real-life romance of Iván and Gerardo on the silver screen – AL DÍA

Te llevo conmigo (I Carry You With Me), directed by Heidi Ewing, is a nuanced look into the intersections of immigration, queerness, and acceptance. Read More

La Leyenda Negra: Una búsqueda de la verdad en Compton – AL DÍA

La Leyenda Negra ofrece un comentario social puntual sobre los problemas que afectan a los adolescentes e inmigrantes en los Estados Unidos. Read More

2020 Toronto International FILM FESTIVAL

Enemies of the State – ¡Presente! Media

Enemies of the State, combines Kennebeck’s investigative reporting background with a cinematic visual style reminiscent of that of executive producer Errol Morris. Read More

The Boy from Medellín – ¡Presente! Media

J Balvin is one of best-selling Latin music artists in the globe. He was the most streamed artist worldwide on Spotify in 2018. Read More

One Night in Miami – ¡Presente! Media

In Regina King’s directorial debut of One Night in Miami, she re-imagines a fictional friendship between Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke. Read More

TOP 6 at TIFF 2020 – cinéSPEAK

While the experience of the film festival has shifted, the quality of the films this year is better than ever. Many Academy Award hopefuls have premiered at TIFF this year. Read More

A Suitable Boy – ¡Presente! Media

A Suitable Boy directed by Mira Nair is set in 1950s India after the country’s independence, transition to democracy, and the partition of India and Pakistan. Read More