Externing at Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

This winter break, I was part of the Bryn Mawr College externship program and was paired with the wonderful alum Rosi Amador of Amador Bilingual Voiceovers. During my time, I watched Rosi record Spanish and English voiceovers for tv and radio commercials as well as rehearse with her online vocal improv group! We even managed to go to a Latina women’s networking event, where I met  incredible, strong Latinas and tried some Puerto Rican coquito!

The most surprising part of shadowing Rosi, while she was recording voiceovers, was that she even voiced those pesky pre-programed telephone operator lines! When I call a bank now, I just might hear Rosi tell me to dial 1 for more information on my credit card account!

During the externship, I mostly helped Rosi with social media and publicizing her voiceover family business. After watching the incredible movie Hidden Figures (2016) with Rosi, she realized that she and her daughter Alisa had recorded Spanish overdubs for a NASA educational module! Inspired by the film, I helped Rosi edit the NASA video and post it to social media. By overdubbing this NASA video in Spanish, Rosi and her daughter’s voices allow the next generation of Latinx engineers and rocket scientists find their wings (or in this case, jet engines)!

Below is the video of Rosi and Alisa’s NASA overdub!

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  1. What a delight to have you as my extern Kristal! Thank you for sharing this post about your time with me. It was fantastic having you. You told me you didn’t want to just shadow me, to put you to work. Yes! Little did I know that you would help me so much over a week and a half, patiently listening to my auditions for commercials and helping me choose the best takes, doing social media copywriting all about what inspires me in my voiceover and personal world. You also listened to all my stories of entrepreneurship encouraging you to go for it with your filmmaking dreams. I know you will do whatever you choose to do and you’ll do it well. ¡Te felicito! Thank you for contributing your smarts and talents. So glad you’ll still be collaborating with me and ABVO moving forward. ¡Qué viva Bryn Mawr! Gracias Kristal.

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