Alx Through the Labyrinth

IN Development

Alx Through the Labyrinth

Alx Through the Labyrinth will take a dive into the Alice In Wonderland-like reality of contracting COVID-19; from the symptoms of vertigo to sensory loss and the labyrinth of seeking treatment. The animated, hybrid docufiction short film will be based on the real life experiences of two Latinx artists, Daniel de Jesús and Kristal Sotomayor, that tested positive for the coronavirus in 2020. The film will use magical realism to ground the story as the protagonist Alx, a nonbinary Latinx service worker, falls into the deep rabbit hole of seeking treatment for a potentially deadly virus. Our experiences include being denied by hospitals, the voyage to receive a COVID-19 test, and the struggle to access health insurance. The bilingual story will bring a new understanding to the impact of the global pandemic through animation.



2021 Good Pitch Local: Philadelphia Lab


Independence Public Media Foundation through HipCinema Labs and SIFTMedia 215

The Philadelphia Independent Media Fund administered by Scribe Video Center with funds provided by the Independence Public Media Foundation and the Wyncote Foundation

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