“To My Motherland” & Haverford College Digital Storytelling Workshop

This fall break, I was part of the Haverford College Digital Storytelling Workshop that focused on telling personal stories using photographs and still images as well as voiceover. For my film, I decided to create a piece based on my experience this summer going back to Peru to visit family after more than a decade. My film To My Motherland is a poetic letter to the home of my ancestors and the roots of my culture. At the workshop, we had demonstrations on storytelling and script writing as well as on Photoshop, Audacity, and Premiere Pro. After the workshop, all of the films were screened at Haverford College where even the President Daniel Weiss was in attendance!

**After archiving the film at Haverford College, To My Motherland is now also available on the Haverford College Instructional Technology Blog as part of the Digital Storytelling Workshop!

"To My Motherland" & Haverford College Digital Storytelling Workshop

Check it out here!

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